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Hail Damage: The 5 Effective Recovery Steps Our Experts Use

6/3/2022 (Permalink)

hail damage on the roof of an Athens home Contact the professionals at SERVPRO when your property suffers from hail damage!

The experts at SERVPRO of Athens can help you with your hail damage!

If you've ever been unfortunate enough to experience hail damage, you know that it can be a real hassle. Hail can range in size from a pea to grapefruit and can cause dents, broken windows, and even holes in roofs.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience hail damage, document it with photos and contact your insurance company as soon as possible.

This article will give you a few tips on what to do if you experience hail damage and how the storm damage restoration experts at SERVPRO of Athens handle the recovery process.

What is hail?

Hail is a form of precipitation produced during thunderstorms. It is made up of ice pellets and can range in size from a pea to a grapefruit. It can strike anywhere, even in warmer climates, but is most common in the Midwest and Plains states.

Hail damage can occur to any property type but is most commonly seen on cars, roofs, and windows.

What is hail damage?

Hail can cause extensive damage to cars, homes, and businesses. Some common examples of hail damage include:

  • Dents in the roof or siding
  • Shattered windows
  • A hole in the roof
  • Damage to the gutters or downspouts
  • Damage to the AC unit or other outdoor equipment

Water infiltration is always a risk whenever your home's exterior is punctured. Moisture can get into your home, causing additional interior damage. If this water isn't correctly handled, mold growth can occur.

Additionally, holes in your roof and window can let bugs and small animals into your home. By contacting a damage restoration team like SERVPRO, you're working with experts who know how to keep your property secure against these threats. For example, a simple tarp or board can frequently keep your property safe until the restoration process begins.

What to do if you experience hail damage

  • First and foremost, remain calm. It can be tempting to freak out when you see hail damage, but it's vital to stay levelheaded.
  • Secondly, assess the damage. Take a look around and see what, if anything, needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Third, contact your insurance company. Hail damage is usually covered by homeowners' or renters' insurance, so get in touch with your insurer as soon as possible.
  • Fourth, document the damage. Photos are essential for insurance purposes, so take plenty of pictures of the hail damage.
  • Finally, start the repair process. Once you've contacted your insurance company and documented the damage, contact an expert who can begin repairing or replacing whatever was damaged by the hail.

How SERVPRO of Athens handles hail damage restoration

The storm damage restoration experts at SERVPRO of Athens can help if your home or business has been damaged by hail. We have decades of experience restoring properties after hail damage, and we know how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

When you call us, we'll send a team of specialists to your property to assess the damage and formulate an action plan. We'll then repair or replace whatever was damaged by the hail, and we'll do everything we can to get your property back to its pre-storm condition.

Need help recovering from hail damage?

You don't have to deal with hail damage alone. Whether it's impacted your roof, windows, or dents in your siding, the experts at SERVPRO of Athens are here to help!

Since hail damage can lead to other problems on your property, such as water infiltration, it's essential to address any damage as quickly as possible. In addition, taking photos of any damage can help with your insurance claim.

If you discover hail damage and need the storm damage restoration team at SERVPRO of Athens, call or reach out via our contact page. One of our experts can come to your property and assess the damage, develop an action plan, and get your property back to "Like it never even happened."

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