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Siding Damage: 5 Amazing Tips for Storm Damage Protection

4/24/2023 (Permalink)

siding damage to an Athens home. SERVPRO storm damage professionals are readily available to combat siding damage caused by storms.

Siding damage is one of the leading exterior damages left after a major storm passes through Athens. 

It is safe to say that the professionals at SERVPRO of Athens have seen it all regarding siding damage. From extreme temperatures and high winds to hail and debris impacts, many potential causes of siding damage can leave your home looking worse for wear. 

Fortunately, the experienced storm damage team at SERVPRO is here to help you restore your home's exterior so it looks as good as new! In this article, we will discuss some of the most common causes of siding damage, how you can prevent them in the future, and what steps our professionals take to ensure the appropriate restoration of your home's siding. So read on for five tips for protecting your home from siding damage!

What causes siding damage?

Siding damage can be caused by many factors, including severe weather conditions, improper installation or maintenance, impacts from debris, and even animals. Extreme temperatures and high winds can cause the siding to warp, crack, or dislodge. Hail is another common cause of siding damage, leaving dents and holes in the material. 

5 siding damage preventative measures 

Now that you know the common causes of siding damage, here are five tips for protecting your home from siding damage:

  1. Inspect and repair any existing damage to the siding before a storm hits. Patch any cracks or holes and ensure that all nails and screws used to install the siding are securely fastened.
  2. Secure any loose objects in your yard, such as patio furniture and planters, to prevent them from becoming projectiles during a storm.
  3. Trim trees and shrubs to avoid damage to the siding when hit by high winds or hail.
  4. Install impact-resistant siding designed to withstand high winds and other extreme weather conditions.
  5. Consider investing in storm shutters, window guards, or panels for added protection from debris and animals. 

How does SERVPRO restore storm damage?

When repairing siding damage caused by a storm, the experienced property damage professionals at SERVPRO of Athens are here to help! Our professionals will assess the damage and determine the best path for restoring your home's exterior. Storm cleanup is complex, and depending on the severity of the damage, we may opt to repair or replace sections of the siding that have been affected. We also offer various cleaning and sealing services to ensure your home looks as good as new upon completion. 

On top of our repair and restoration services, our team can also take the time to discuss any preventative measures you can take for future storms, such as installing impact-resistant siding or storm shutters. We're here to help ensure your home is ready to withstand any storm. 

Wrapping up

Today we reviewed the common causes of siding damage and what steps SERVPRO's experienced technicians take when restoring your home's exterior. From inspecting and repairing existing damage to installing impact-resistant siding or storm shutters for added protection, our team is here to help you keep your home looking beautiful no matter the weather! 

However, homeowners can also take to prevent siding damage from occurring. Regular siding inspections and prompt repair of areas with wear and tear signs help ensure the material stays solid and resilient. Investing in high-quality siding materials and professional installation can also help protect your home's exterior from damage caused by severe weather conditions and other factors.

When repairing siding damage, it's crucial to work with experienced professionals like SERVPRO of Athens. Our technicians have the skills and tools to repair and restore all types of siding damage, regardless of severity. In addition, we use advanced techniques and materials to ensure your home's siding looks as good as new, and we always work quickly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily life. Contact us today for more information on how we can help repair your home's siding.

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